Tuesday, January 16, 2018

In Between Place

So, it has been a year of prayer for me. What has changed? I don't yet know, actually. Each day some struggles seem to stay the same and I wonder... what is the goal and purpose this year? I feel I am still in that 'in between place' where lots of prayer has been offered and I'm still waiting on the answers... definitely trying not to be anxious.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Prayer Patience

Today's encouragement comes from James... the first chapter. It is about patience in trials...
and, contrary to the words on this rug, I do not think that a person should really think less... just, maybe, do your thinking before you try to get a good nights' sleep, if at all possible...

A quote I wrote in my journal just yesterday...
"Many of you are in between that offered prayer and that answered prayer,
that's okay,
just don't be anxious there."
 That may help you
  live a little more.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


... what you want. Be as clear as you can be, in relationships. That's the best way to start a new year.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

No Peace Tonight

So, what do you do on nights when you cannot rest and not even one moment of peace is in your soul?

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Perfect Morning

A perfect morning for me is... when I wake up, I can see. My eyes have been giving me a lot of trouble this year and when I can see well... this is good. Notice I said... when I wake up... that means I actually got some sleep. My heart is more settled when I have some communication going in the relationship department. The light in my eyes is positively glowing. I mean that both ways... all the good is glowing in my eyes and the glowing is good.
You might think that glowing in the eyes must always be good but someone told me recently that he only remembered this one person because of the hate glowing in her eyes. Oh boy, I thought, that is not a good way to be remembered but, obviously, that person had left a powerful impression... not good, just powerful.
You know, even as I'm writing and thinking about this... I had the words powerful good just come into my mind and I could write story after story under those two words...
powerful good.
When I think of test the spirit by its fruit I should also add that there is usually some action involved in the building of relationships that leads to knowing if something is good or bad. Good action is a building block of trust and building trust is daily work for everyone. How we do it is a careful stepping stone of trying things in new or even older relationships. 
I used to be a goal driven person... I always had a goal and often a very specific answer to something that I was seeking in my journey of life. Contentment does not come to me as easily as it does to others I have met. I only reach contentment when I feel the balance of commitment. 
So, no matter where I am or who I meet... I will often ask you which church you go to. At the very least I can usually get a small pulse on what moves the person if they have a good experience anywhere... and, if they, at least, have a childhood memory of attending somewhere I can often get a feel for where their roots might be. 
 From roots to shoots... I like to know what moves people. For many, it's music.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights are a huge problem for me. I couldn't sleep a wink until after six in the morning. Tossing and turning sleepless nights are so wearying.
If I run out of things and people to pray about I have a lot of books handy to occupy my mind.
I am still reading The Everlasting Man... people who write apologetics tend to be well versed in the topic within which they write, are able to explain what their goal is and, vis a vis, what it is not and often have an abrupt and almost scathing opinion injected here and there that reveals the personality and character of the author. Some people may not like seeing an obvious bias in the writing but I like seeing those things. How can you get a real pulse on the writer unless there is, indeed, some very honest opinions? Quite a few years ago, a very learned man said to me, "There isn't much worth reading in the last hundred years."
Now, I was reading current literature, at the time, and found his statement a little off- putting as I wondered if I was wasting my reading time on... fluff ?
After reading some of these old books I think I know why he had this opinion. Much of the writing from a hundred years ago does not have the taint of political correctness. And, within that kind of writing you can most often find a thread of truth. So, in our world today, it is difficult to find people who can tell you how they came to an opinion and that is why I find this type of book a good read. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017


Wouldn't you love to retire? I would. As with all things, not all retired folk are the same but the kind of retired man I can really appreciate is one who clears his to- do list and schedule and makes my life easier. There are not too many of those around but when I think about how many people have retired, I wonder what it is that the majority of them do all day.
Relax more... probably.