Monday, November 13, 2017


I would like to think that many people who read their Bibles see certain signs as being a very good thing in the world even when much of the news is often reporting stories of difficult things. At times, it is hard to keep my spirits up in this culture of endless reporting that shows forth the complexities of life. But, every now and again I read an article that so encourages me and today is one of those days. Now, I have never traveled anywhere outside of Canada and so all of my writing has come from research and articles that I would have read while I was writing my novel. Even when I wrote the book I really only had instincts to go on when trying to decide what to include. Well, instincts and feelings and then trying to match those to Biblical scripture the best I could with the knowledge I had.
Quoted from The Orchard Walk by EL DUECK
page 257
"The meaning of Har Brakha is Mount of Blessing. The winery on Mt. Bracha is a living testimony to the old Scriptura. J.P. lifted his glass of wine... Last year, this vineyard produced 14,000 bottles of wine from this family owned boutique winery."
It has been a few years since I wrote this... 2011- 2012
  but this photo is taken on the open pages of my novel with a bottle of wine I have been enjoying lately... a reasonably priced wine and exceptionally good for the price. So, my thoughts today are... words written with good intentions, even many years ago, can bring a harvest in the future.
So, let's celebrate the harvests of wineries that were well blessed... and pray for good blessings on all wineries in a year that was not as good for everyone.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I could not sleep last night. I fell asleep for a bit in the wee hours of the morning. This sleepless stage of life is really getting in the way of accomplishing anything. For a long time, I have felt like I was ready to work a job that is not too physical but yet takes up time and gives me a pay check. If I could retire, I would. This would surely take the pressure and strain off of everyday worries. I think I do one thing fairly well and that is living in simplicity.
When I cook, I like to cook for a few weeks so that time is freed up for other things. I have found it very cost saving to cook large amounts of soup at one time because you never waste anything. It is very efficient. Winter is such a great time to put soup making skills to work. I cook a large pot of stock... a basic stock that can then be used to make a number of different varieties of soup. With a chicken soup stock, I make chicken noodle, red lentil barley, minestrone (pictured), and cabbage borscht (pictured). So, if taking stock of your budget and stretching a dollar are of interest to you, this is a great way to eat healthy and trim a little off your food budget. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Is 'Phil' Real?

So, I signed up for a new website for my job searching and I tried, as best as I could, to see if the company was real. There were a few pictures of actual men with names to the picture and I thought, well, Phil is not in these pictures but yet he is the one sending me text messages and emails. So, I thought I would give the whole website a try by following their rules and supposed statistics. Well, the only time I have had an actual voice message for a job interview... the interview was in a building without a name on it and seemed, at best, a pretty big chance to see if it was real. I cancelled that interview.
Since then I have not had even one more real voice call for an interview but I have endless emails from this company most every day.
So, I phoned 'Phil' and... surprise, surprise, no one answered.
Is 'Phil' just a phone on a desk in an empty room?

Monday, November 6, 2017

The Power of

... diminished pain is as powerful as too much pain. When my body pain is under control my thoughts are immediately expansive in ways that may even seem unrealistic to many people. I start imagining all sorts of good possibilities. Idleness has never appealed to me and my mind is surely never idle. So, today, as soon as my body pain was diminished I was tuning my guitar and thinking... who could I renovate a house with?
Winter is long. I do not like to have nothing to show for a long winter. Of course, I am not capable of renovating a house. I have no tools... only vision... some days... and healthy desire to do something of value.
Of such is the power of the mind to lay down fresh hope when we get through a day of struggles.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Feel Old

I feel old today. I have come to realize that when I say I feel old I am usually in pain and if that pain happens to be greater than any other feeling I have... I say I feel old. I guess, for me, feeling old and being in pain is synonymous. Unrest is another feeling that makes me feel old and I have had too much of that this last year.
Taking care of aging bodies is actually a lot of work and only people past a certain age can know the reality of that. What I used to consider a good day and what I now consider a good day has changed... not out of desire for that kind of change but out of necessity!
I like myself best on days when I can handle this aging thing with a bit of cheek, a lot of rolling of my eyeballs at people twenty or more years younger than I... heck, even a few years younger... who do not yet know what lovely challenges await them with the advancement of years.
I used to be more taciturn with my pronouncements of you just wait to younger, able- bodied people but I have become more you just work while you can and your body lets you vocalization.
I still follow this dictum myself... I happily shoveled snow yesterday... but today I am so much less happy... my body surely is in pain which I did not feel as I shoveled yesterday.
So, we only can know each experience as we go along. Find a partner I say... someone with whom you can laugh at regarding these aging foibles.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


How would it make you feel to be told you've been the victim of credit card fraud? It's not a good feeling for me. That is what I was just told. My eyesight is a problem for me these days... a pretty big problem at times but, I thank God, I can still read my bills (with reading glasses) and investigate little oddities that just do not line up with what seems correct. So, this has to be dealt with by the company with whom I registered the complaint. There was a phone number to call so I would think the company itself may be legitimate. I will have to wait and see.
I chose this picture to demonstrate what it feels like to be told that I've been the victim of credit card fraud... cold, it feels cold. Then I put that cold feeling into logic so that I am not wasting good emotion on something I cannot do anything about. I think about things from the company's perspective. The company is quite a well known company and will have to find the problem so I must give them the time to do that.
This then brings my mind to the topic of verity and verification. How can I know what is true about the company and verify it?
As I mentioned, with this situation, I will have to wait and see. The only reason I even tried this company was because I had an actual first person testimony from someone who had used it successfully... or, I should say, to the desired result of the purchaser of the service.
Now, this brings me to the topic of job searching. How can I know if a job searching website is real? What if all the applying of jobs is just one more click and all the communication is sans voice. Is any of it real? I actually do not know anymore.

Friday, October 27, 2017


I woke up this morning thinking... brr, it feels like winter. That was before I even went outside to find this...
and this...
very much confirming that it does indeed seem like winter. We can never tell if things will stay snowy, though, at this time of year. We could have weeks of 'snow on, snow off' kind of weather before it gets seriously cold and stays for a few months.
As I was out walking down these snowy paths these were the only leaves that were still hanging on and not all brown and mouldy.
Now, I've been wanting to write about eros for a long time but being one of the less qualified people to write on this subject I have been putting it off. That, of course, did not stop me from writing a romance novel with a few scenes that may qualify as having a little understanding of the word. The first photo, in this story, is a patchwork that I started when I had been separated for a few months already and was wondering about this kind of love.
Well, the hands of time keep moving and I finally finished reading C.S. Lewis' The Four Loves and have a little more wonderful words to ponder on that topic eros. I read a lot and it truly amazes me that it would take a few years to find more solid writing on this topic.
"Eros wants the Beloved."
Now, if you are not someones' beloved... you probably want to be and you want that person capable of eros love which Jack (C.S. Lewis) writes as, "Now Eros makes a man really want, not a woman, but one particular woman. In some mysterious but quite indisputable fashion the Lover desires the Beloved herself, not (just)- I am adding this word to his writing- the pleasure she can give."
I would very much be willing to refute this next statement but, currently, I do not think very many people are capable of this kind of love. 
 Hard to believe this photo was taken less than a week ago but there is the page of the book that I am quoting from today... open and annotated. I was inspired, that day, by my one rosebush which had all its leaves turned from green to this autumn colouring. God is so much more capable of beauty and every term of love that ever has been or ever will be comes from Him so to feel any love at all one cannot remove God from the picture. 
Every day I look for my possible Beloved...