Monday, March 27, 2017

Crazy Keep

What's your crazy keep? It's something you've had so long the person who gave it to you wouldn't even imagine you still treasure it. This greeting card, upcycled in a way, just got a little re-design and I'm putting it into my journal. The card is so old, (well, it was given to me when I was a teenager) that even the back stamp is raised and embossed in shiny ink. So, why do I love this card so much? I love a garden! Did the young teenager who gave it to me know I would grow to love gardening so much? I don't know but I'm searching for a tiny little place to plant a few things again. Here's a little tip for others who are looking for a place to live as well. If an ad says the yard is really big or huge and you're thinking maybe you can't take care of all that... drive by and have a look. What may seem big to city folk will pull a little chuckle right out of anyone who was raised in the country.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Place to Live

The search for a place to live has led me to some interesting places. And, you know, in the right frame of mind, I should consider it to be networking. I meet construction people, one of my favourite groups of people. I''ve met a few who are really quite handy at doing this kind of work. Mostly what I'm looking for is a nice quiet place that has some outdoor space that I can relax and enjoy music, a glass of wine and maybe start doing that thing I used to be so good at... serving others dinner. I used to love doing that and I can be pretty good at it too. I'm thinking, hmm, I think it could just be a good year.
Winter is about to give way to spring. Won't it be nice to see trees in bloom again?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Just Live

I sewed this up the other day. The trim, on top, is recycled and has been waiting for a tiny little project just like this to be used for its maximum enjoyment. Daily enjoyment, if you do a few dishes by hand.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Innovation... In new vation... I like to think of innovation as being able to see something in a new way. For instance, a pile of old denim jeans can become this...
It's mostly about an ability to envision and a willingness to do a lot of work to get this result. I am feeling very positive this morning. That was my goal for Lent. Finishing this project, yesterday, was a bit frustrating as my sewing machine is not really made for heavy denim sewing but with perseverance I managed to get it done. Some of the materials are new but much is re-purposed. So, today, I get to start another item... always exciting! I'm thinking cottage... again. Whatever you happen to be blessed with, an astounding IQ, a compassionate and sensitive spirit, a practical get- it- done attitude, patience with taciturn people... just use those astounding gifts and make life better, for yourself and others.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I'm trying to network so I can find a job. This is very difficult and, so far, not productive... as in, it has not produced a job for me. Got any tips? Please email me at
Thank you!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Keystone Habit

What can one 'keystone' habit do for you? Exercise, the one keystone habit that has benefited me more than any has re-purposed my jeans into
this. I will keep this blanket. I really like it.
And learning... they are equal... exercise and learning... body and mind.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Show Your Work

Here is my work.
I will always do this. Trying to earn money at it is my goal.