Monday, February 27, 2017

Keystone Habit

What can one 'keystone' habit do for you? Exercise, the one keystone habit that has benefited me more than any has re-purposed my jeans into
this. I will keep this blanket. I really like it.
And learning... they are equal... exercise and learning... body and mind.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Show Your Work

Here is my work.
I will always do this. Trying to earn money at it is my goal.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Passion and Habits

Isn't this silly? What a world we live in! My computer wouldn't recognize my camera so I took a photo of my camera pic with something my computer would recognize. I'm trying to change my habits... the ones that need changing.
Being creative and making things... pictured above... is a passion. The habit part is always finishing the project. Always. I learned that long ago.
Exercise is a habit I learned long ago. It became more of a passion when the results produced a feeling of overall betterment.
 Eating the right food, I find, can be encouraged with presentation. I just purchased these square bowls and find that a salad really feels like a meal in a special dish.
I still like too much sugar. My way of avoiding that is... I don't keep too much in the house.
I wish sleep could be a habit I could form. That is elusive for me.
Learning something every day is passion for me. Without sleep my attitude is very surly at times and negative at other times.
Thursday was pure bliss because I slept. Today I'm surly... I didn't sleep much. Wednesday I was surly and negative. The habit I have developed for days like this is... I avoid putting that negativity on others. How?
Well, I have been exercising at the park three days this week already. That habit drives my passion to get the rest of my transformational strategies in line.
I do hard stuff every day. I read books that may not be easy to understand or accept or even experience emotionally.
So, for Lent, positive thinking.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Positive Attitude

What makes a perfect day when working towards goals and dreams and wishes?
Well, I get some sleep at night. That is wonderful! Now, it's the kind of sleep when I'm aware that God has not abandoned me and just like the leafy tree in the picture that is leaning on the strong tree, I can relax enough to sleep. When I awake, I have a positive attitude. I like being positive. My favourite coffee is on sale so I buy a lot of it. I use it as an air freshener as well. Fresh ground coffee beans can settle my stomach almost anytime. If I apply for more than one job, in a day, my attitude is exceptional. If I forget how many kms. it is around the park and start walking and actually make it the entire 12 kms. without flagging anyone down for a rescue... my attitude is grand.
So, I would change a number of things about my life right now, if I could but... while I work on change... I keep good memories, strong reminders of how I've been rescued in the past to live the present.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


What makes today a good day for you? A couple of things were really tough for me today and others were fantastic. My vision was a problem after only a few hours of sleep. That is frustrating so I rearrange my day until that resolves itself. So far I've been blessed and getting a few more hours of sleep and accepting what I cannot change, changing what I can... my schedule, and the wisdom to know the difference... is my workable solution. The weather is fantastic for getting out for exercise at the park. The traffic is slow, in a park, so it is safer, much safer. I'm trying to find a place to live that is closer to where I spend so much time... for the time being. Outdoor exercise just lifts my spirits. Clean air, aerobic activity, and I just look and feel healthier. I think it really helps my eyesight too. I spotted a nut and bolt, on the road, that a cyclist had lost from the seat of his bicycle and I thought,... wow, that's amazing... my eyes were so blurry in the morning.
As I was thinking about why we all experience problems and everyone does, in one form or another, I was asking the question out loud and, instantaneously, the words... "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ" just came out of my mouth. So, that is really why we probably all have difficulties. It helps us be more sympathetic to others and more patient and understanding. I hope.
This is my current project. I never tire of denim. It takes quite a bit of time to make each flag and the thread that is needed is amazing. I like the fact that I can make one flag, or quilt square, and have something tangible done in a day. Some people might say that's kewl.
I had a vanilla muscle milk. It tasted great. It was my splurge for that hamburger and fries I wanted but resisted. Another day I'm sure I won't resist the burger and fries, that is.
I would like to be much more useful than I currently feel I am. I almost dropped in at this one place to offer to bake some decent pie for their dessert offerings but I didn't quite have the courage. I did look over my resume and finally came to one big conclusion...
life is mostly about sales...
whether its a product or a service or a contract...
people need to sell it if they're going to make money.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Designer Look

... on a budget.
It turned out just as wonderful as I thought it would. I've been meaning to make a cushion out of this piece for a long time. That is really nice. There are certain looks that I really like... designer looks. I mean, what would you pay for that if it had your favourite designers' initials on it? I can't buy any of his stuff unless it is on the clearance, clearance, clearance marked down so many times... and I have definitely purchased it that way.
But... this piece... that was a find I have had for a few years now and I finally found the piece of background fabric to really showcase that piece of art.
The inspiration always comes to me. That's a gift from God. Then, I have to envision... once the vision is there, it is just a matter of putting it together when I find the right material.
Inspiration, vision, and project completion equals...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Treasure Heart

We should always treasure heart. People who have heart have an uncommon humility to share and talk about fortune and misfortune within their lives with an equanimity that should bear respect in ones' soul when they hear it. It does in mine.
So, when I listen to someone, I listen for the fine print. To read the fine print in the conversation of people who are comfortable relaying the good and the difficult things of their lives takes a sensitive ear.
"Tis only with the heart that one can see rightly" so, I think, it is good to celebrate the fortune that others experience and and be prayerfully sensitive to the less than fortunate things that beset our lives at one time or another.