Wednesday, January 18, 2017


brit, in Hebrew, means covenant
I will admit that I did not know that until last year or the year before that. I'm currently reading an autobiography and found the word in there, without apostrophe as well, so I'm taking the same liberty by using it, here, also without apostrophe. B'rit, meaning covenant, is how it is spelled in other sources. 
I have always associated the term Brit as someone from Britain and, Canada, under British rule, was the thread weave to the flag that hung in the classroom of my elementary school. I like decor, like the photo above, that is strong and individual in expression and I use my artwork (photos) to tell stories of day to day life. For many years I followed Biblical devotions written by others but then, a couple of years ago, I wanted to test my Biblical knowledge a bit; push myself in that area to see if I could grow by developing my own daily learning by starting with a Scripture that came to mind and then cross referencing it with the next Scripture until I came to some understanding that seemed cohesive.
What you'll need if you wish to do this:
A Bible with cross references in it.
Enough Scripture in your memory to have one come to memory.
I don't know why this method of finding answers to the questions of life works fairly well for me... it just does.
I average 1-2 sermons a week, for learning. If my health is difficult, I find them online.
Psalm 27:13 was the Scripture that I thought of first this morning. I often have to look up where it is because I remember it in phraseology only. The good news is that the journey took me to the parable of the budding fig tree.
So, that was my devotional journey this morning and I am still working on a design for a fig tree quilt or artwork of some kind to represent this story.   

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Since Christmas, I have been suffering greatly. I looked up the symptoms that I was experiencing and found them to be, possibly, synonymous with allergies. Now, if you've ever suffered so that your body feels like it has been injected with every quill of substance poisonous to you, you can't really explain to others what it feels like to get through each day feeling thus unwell.
I eat homemade food because I have always had bodily feelings of unwellness when I don't eat in a healthy way. This latest bout, lasting three weeks already, has been very disheartening. I have removed certain items from my diet, each day, and yet, found no relief from the pain and itching and burning sensations that have me taking allergy pills, in winter, and a pain medication. Like most people, I want to know why I have to suffer such pain. As this is not an answerable question, for who among us can tell another why they must suffer pain... this is what I do in these times.
I read the hard stuff.
I listen to the difficult sermons.
But, I never stop trying to fix what ails me. It would be irrational to accept the pain without trying to find its source to eradicate it so that I can feel well again.
I have always prayed to relieve others' sufferings and I do the same for my own. But with my own, I do the work of trying to find the source of the suffering... before I seek out an allergist. It's a long, slow process and so hard to give up foods I love.
I've been thinking about getting a pet and now I think... hmm, maybe I'd better wait on that, until I've got this sorted out.

Friday, January 6, 2017


So, what does a plain heart like to eat?
Well, I'll tell you what this plain heart likes to eat. 
It's always good.
I've made it a few times in the last few weeks.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lighter Weight

I used to lift weights that were too heavy for me and a doctor suggested that, maybe, I was doing more harm than good by pushing my body so hard. It was exacerbating the muscle condition I was working so hard to alleviate. It was suggested I use lighter weights. I struggled to take that advice. The Type A personality thinks going after a solution with a certain level of aggressiveness will fix things faster. Yes? So, it took a little while for me to accept that this might be a good solution.
I was convinced through experimentation.
Try the heavy weights. See how things go.
Try the lighter weights. See how things go.
I had to swing in a Type B personality approach, calmer, more relaxed, in order to reach my goal of daily betterment.
Lately, I've had to adapt my routine again and try new things. Yesterday evening, I tried a brand new method again to work out some kinks.
My goal is overall betterment and, adaptability in the face of challenges is the approach I am finding is necessary to manage each day.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Daily Blessing

What will 2017 hold? 
Fresh air and exercise was the gift of the day.

Friday, December 30, 2016

A Sincere Heart

Reading old literature... "A sincere heart is a plain heart, a simple heart, sine plicis- a heart without folds."
Even when artful, I'd say this heart is artless. That is what it means to have a sincere heart.
If looking for a New Year's resolution, maybe this is it.
We could call it the no guile style.