Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reclaimed Library

Full of knowledge... a library is full of knowledge waiting for us to discover all the treasure inside.
What I fill mine with is often reclaimed from bookstores, written many years ago, has solid historical facts and inspires me to the beauty of duty. Is that an easy thing to find? Well, it takes a little work to master the beauty of duty but it is worth the effort.
Learning is good. Share your knowledge and build a library anyone would love to reclaim.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Care So Much

Quote of the day...
  "If you didn't care so much, it wouldn't bother you."
That was the loveliest thing someone said to me today. 

Friday, May 12, 2017


8:30 a.m. It was the third or fourth time I'd been awake in the night and now it was daylight. I had lifted one weary eyelid to see that it was morning. I let it drop again and allowed my thoughts to orientate. Into my mind came the Scripture... "... no eye has seen, nor ear heard... for those who love the Lord." I often remember parts of a Scripture and then that starts my thoughts and study for a day. So, I found that in I Corinthians, Chapter 2 under a sub- heading 'Wisdom from the Spirit.' That got me thinking about my lifetime project and how I have worked on it... day by day. Here is a new listing for this... Forget- Me- Not.pillow cases.
As I read through this chapter, I thought, why would wisdom be secret and hidden? Would life not be so much easier if we were just instructed? Ahh, the answer to that is written there too but it is not easy to understand. Wisdom and easy tend not to be so easy to find together. One thing I jotted down, in many different ways already...
we get good at things we practice, like communication, and when we practice communication, we get better at it and relationships get better...
 All of life is communication in one form or another. The unfolding of leaves.
Food and wine... physical touch... and the best, I think, is a one to one, face to face, communication.
And, of course, man to woman,... just the best.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


I was so glad I went to church tonight. I don't have pictures of the people who made the evening happen so here are a few creative pics to give you an idea of how it felt. Weathered fence board authentic with plants blooming in harmony with nature. It was great! Lots of raw energy in an evening
Voices booming with a come join in the experience joyfulness. Solid history markers in the story. Sometimes it really is nice to be right there in the middle of it. Ending the evening on an old hymn that I knew really well... that seemed plum perfect to me.
And then the huge splurge of stocks I purchased today...
really deliver on the scented-ness. Overall, I have a feeling of contentedness. Kinda nice!

Thursday, May 4, 2017


After a rousing discussion about faith... I settle in and contemplate all that was discussed. The Scripture comes to mind... Faith is the shadow of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
I look it up.
I don't have one word correct.
The correct word is substance... not shadow. Hebrews 11:1
I took this photo in the morning light. Shadow and substance. I did not know what the discussion would be in the evening. I was just experiencing my day and employing an art form of photography. When I thought about the I in faith, I thought of the word intuition but then... I thought,
what if I think of the I in faith as inspired intuition?
If anything that has substance casts a shadow, I hope those shadows inspire others to faith that has substance.

Monday, May 1, 2017


... is a feeling. It is the first time I have used the word in this blog. I would love to feel serene much more often. It is a, calm in spite of circumstances, feeling. Even with quite a few tasks or errands to run today I took a step by step approach that seemed so easy to manage and every place I went to had exemplary service, and prompt. Even getting dressed this morning I tried a very different combination...
 which, too, seemed to encourage the same calmness. Understated colours that are muted often seem quiet. As I'm getting older, quiet is golden. The psychology of colour plays a very big role in perception. I think it may be similar to initials or even names. Why do I gravitate to certain place of business? I don't often think about it but if I'm, repeatedly, going to one place to do business... there is something that draws me to it. If I've had a very good experience with a person of a certain name, I hold that in a place of regard and that is one reason I will return again and again. Yesterday, I realized that I often think the stamp on the back of a vehicle is the place I'm dealing with... and then somebody asks me where I rented the vehicle and I give my usual reply... 'Oh, the place by..."
Why do I remember it that way? Well, the advertising is rather large and the spelling of that business isn't that different from the spelling of my maiden name so it is easy to remember.
Whether you like other words like calm, unperturbed, unruffled, tranquil or peaceful...
I hope this month will make us all good and serene.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Many people do not know that everything, in life, is borrowed. I didn't understand this, about real estate, until a few years ago when an agent told me... well, you never actually own the land. You buy the land but you don't really own the land. When you buy the land, you're buying the right to take care of it and you do have the freedom to do with it whatever you wish as long as what you're doing sits nicely within all the laws and bylaws that govern the land. That led me to thinking about governance.
.Define governance. That's not so easy. Establishment of policies and continuous monitoring of their implementation by the members of a governing body is one definition. That's a fairly good, simple, definition.
Did you know that two fairly common rules of car and house rentals are... no smoking, no pets.So, if either of these is something that you want as part of your life... options really narrow. One very negative aspect of renting anything is... cost setting. This is going to be a problem, not so much for the people setting the costs as it is for the people who need to pay the costs. This can seem impossible for most of us.
I have studied cost setting formulas and done the calculations for items I have tried to sell and, even vastly reducing the selling point has not produced enough sales to earn a living.
If you own one of my novels, you will see that I tried to bring family name honour by slipping it into a scene. Today, I'm featuring my lineage initial, one of the few things in life... not borrowed.