Thursday, April 20, 2017

Holy is a gift

Music makes me feel holy even when everything else is up in the air. What's important to me? This is... when I can feel holy and my chest glows with warmth in all my worn denim. That is important to this patchwork heart... I know people are never fully holy... but when you feel it... it marks you even deeper with humility. Because, who deserves to feel holy? It's just a straight up gift.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Softie

Song of the day... Stand up, Stand up, for Jesus
Things aren't working the same with my computer as they were before so I have to learn how to load my new photos. I shrugged into my military jacket for a bit this morning but on the inside I was just a softie. Wouldn't it be great if we could just be what we are and find our niche in the world that way? So, compassion, as a strength, requires the balance of Proverbs 4:23... "Above all else, guard your heart, for..."
I'm going to let you look up the rest of that verse... there are a number of different interpretations.
Whatever kind of soldier you are, it is good to know why we fight and what we are fighting for.
"To him/ her that overcometh, a crown of life shall be."

Friday, April 14, 2017

Compassion- the tablet of human hearts

Compassion is a quality. As we age, this quality becomes more and more desirable, in ourselves and others. None of us knows what the future holds. As we age, we need compassion... lots of it!
For myself, personally, it is a necessity every day. If I am not compassionate with myself, I struggle to be compassionate with others. I started this story two days ago but, as with most things in life, stories twine into other days and the topic can still be the same. Yesterday I was thinking about the burden of wisdom as detailed in Ecclesiastes. Even as a child I always wanted to know why and quite vexed I would become if someone did not have the answer for me.
"For in much wisdom is much vexation," Ecclesiastes
I believe we are all made a certain way, in the womb, and some things are very stamped into our personalities so, for myself, a need to know why had its roots in a desire to fix a problem. So, I started learning and offering solutions... long before I was even twelve years old. Then, before I was thirty I had, somehow, found a way to show compassion, according to little notes I received. I wish I could recall how I did that or why a person felt I was compassionate to them. I think it was a number of things and, for each individual, it was a little different but the common thread was always...
-a recognition that I was taking on a burden for that person
-a recognition that the environment was a safe place for someone to get away from their problems
- and a mention of having something in them bolstered that needed to be... for each person, again, it was individual.
Maybe a formal letter of recommendation, the kind many employers request, is not the kind that is in your keepsake box but... little hand written notes of appreciation that write about...
what is written on the tablet of your human heart. That is where compassion is written.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Style

is restricted...
What does it mean to have a style that is restricted? On Pinterest, I entitled one board 'My Style.'
If you go to the board I'm sure you'll see a pair of sandals that, somewhat, resembles the ones in the photo. I just took the photo a few minutes ago. I feel it is important to show the reality from the idea... to try to bring in some perspective. Even if the sandals on that board were free... I still couldn't wear them. The arthritis in my feet would never allow me to walk even a few steps in those heels. So, my footwear style is greatly restricted by this. Even these sandals have only a very restricted activity usage for me. If I'm going to go on a long walk, for exercise, I cannot wear these sandals then either... not nearly enough support. So, the liberty with freedom of happily showing my style compels me to include the responsibility of showing you what my reality is.
  Here's another artistic depiction of my life... empty nest. I'm in this phase of life. There is much time freedom in each day but there is lots of financial restricted... ness.
So, I journal my life... as an art form... sometimes sleep is restricted and I spend time singing, creating art from my thoughts and experiences.
While I create this pictorial journal I am looking for a job, a house with a garden spot that is affordable, and trying to find and build relationships. And, right now, my only foundation is my faith.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Contrast of Textures

I never tire of music... well, almost never. Not all music relaxes me. Sometimes I drive out to the country to hear just the sounds of nature which is music enough if I'm reading or studying something.
I like capturing the first blooms of the season. Any signs of life after the dead of winter are most tender. And always amazing in the contrast of textures. I think these buds bring hope. I am quite surprised that I so enjoy taking a photograph as an art form.
If I really, really like an object, I will find different ways of bringing out its best by changing the setting and making use of different lighting, natural and artificial, to bring out its best characteristics.
We are all, as people, a contrast of textures.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sustainable Through Protection

Just to be clear that I'm not just putting up pretty pictures and taking the cross out of Easter and Christmas and the faith... here is a more rugged cross to celebrate Easter with. Having just read Exodus 26 I must say that I could not even do justice to the finery that is detailed in that chapter so maybe the shiny gold photo in the previous post was just a forerunner in my reading schedule that I am currently on.
I think about wood maybe a little more than some people do because I think about how things are made and where the material comes from. As I was walking, in the park, I looked at the trees
and just saw the whole progression as my mind thought about this little cross necklace which I had deliberately photographed on a sanded block of wood trying to include a house building product as well. To me, building a house takes more than just materials. It takes vision and faith and, even after it is built, it takes sustaining.
 Lumber. Canada has lots of it and, from my studies, I recall that this is a country that is good at making sure it is a sustainable product through protection. Many things are in need of protection to keep them sustainable. I think of children. This little cross was made by a child. I am the lucky person who received it as a gift. It definitely represents my faith and the faith I imparted to all my children. "Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6
I think that word even suggests that keeping the faith may get harder as we get older. It seems getting older does not make life easier. Here's a little seasonal idea for all of us. Ask someone you know to show you one of their keepsakes... I'm sure there will be a solid gold story in it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Lord

Easter is a challenging time for me as I reacquaint myself with the old story that brought mercy into the world. For Christians, the death and resurrection of Jesus is at the centre. I do not find it easy to talk about Easter in a light way. My feelings are quite deep and private. Every year that I can recall, I would breathe a sigh of relief on resurrection day because the sombre mood and dark skies almost always gave way to the sun shining through. My photo is very golden to represent that day... resurrection day. I am reading Exodus and I found Exodus 6:3 to be an entire study in itself. I think about these words as written in a few translations... ", but by my name the Lord I did not make myself known to them." I've listened to other people pray and I've noticed that people use different names for God when talking to Him. I think it must have something to do with how we each view God? For me, God is Lord. That is my most comfortable way and most common way to address God. That is my natural, if a person can even say that, but it feels most natural to me. I love history because I think there is so much to learn about the function of roles and most of it is so unfamiliar to any of us living in this day and age. I experience so much more than I can explain so when I came across these words I have been thinking about why... why would God withhold that part of His identity? I think v. 9 offers a part of the explanation. "..., because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery" it seems the people did not listen to their leader (Moses). Could it be that the Lord was a power position that, if you read on, was displayed in the next chapters? Love being the motivation for deliverance is the core story of Easter for me.