Friday, December 9, 2016


Applying for jobs is not what most people do in December unless you live in Canada... It may not be as easy as most people think. Things don't go through. You have to keep trying. It's an arduous process.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Comfort Offer

Today is a great day to think about comfort... this picture is the snowfall that has accumulated in the last few hours and the weather system does not seem to be abating. My discomfort, during the night, brought the phraseology spiritual vanity to my mind. After hours of wakefulness, I finally got a couple of hours of sleep. I then followed the trail of this thought through the Scriptures and Strong's Hebrew,
(researching the original language something was written in is very helpful)
and I found Job 21:34.
"How then will you vainly comfort me, For your answers remain full of falsehood."
Now, having read the story of Job a number of times, I know that Job is having a conversation with his friends who really seem mostly self- righteous in their answers they give him for his difficult circumstances he is suffering.
How then will you vainly comfort me had me think, quite immediately, of my attempts to comfort others during their times of difficulty.
You cannot even know if you're getting something right or not. All you can do is try and hope the person gives you some feedback to help you get better at it...
to help you or I get better offering comfort.
When I feel enough safety and trust to invite someone into my home, the space I live in, my basic rules are:
the best food I can afford to serve
the best chair and sofa in the house
and, most important of all...
the best and most honest conversation, so answers will not be full of falsehood.
I try to develop a question for each life situation which is ever and always will be and have the same goal.
"Did I pass the test of comfort?"
"Did I test the pass of comfort?"
Feedback from the person one converses with is helpful in this area.
"Did my comfort offer... offer comfort?"

Saturday, December 3, 2016


What are traditions? The handing down of statements, customs, beliefs, practices... generation to generation.
I sat and listened to the small group talk about their traditions. Each person seemed to have memories of how it was as a child.
Then there were the after that generation passed away, the tradition that we now do... is this.
Then two of us had stories of because people aren't speaking to each other, this year we are going to...
and I thought,
traditions can only be passed down to those who receive them and value them. If someone picks up a tradition from another who has passed it down, I would say, there must have been something they liked about it.
More than anything, what did I observe from our little honest conversation?
The only tradition that is going to last is love. Everything else is trimmings.

Friday, December 2, 2016


Sometimes a season feels like the barren fig tree...
and I wonder, when will this barren season be over?

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gentle Morning

What or who is No. 1 in your life?
I woke this morning with only internal feelings. There was no noise that woke me. It was quiet here. So, when I'm not awakened by anything external, my first impressions of my being can be completely focused on my internal being. I can think about what my heart is saying to me. So, my heart was calm, not stormy. 
My heart can understand things that are very hard to put into words, although, if you are reading this, you can see that I'm still trying to put these things into words. Committing words to paper is my way of verifying observations with experience. Feelings help us define areas that need attention. 
Burlap... I use the term burlap respect as a practical application of work created from simple core foundational principles that I've tried to live by. 
Natural, perishable foods, often, are stored in burlap because the open weave lets the air through. Natural foods made into dinners that are ready to be enjoyed are the healthiest for the body. 
Artifact... Some of us value an artifact for its cultural or historic interest. Some of us value the experience of purchasing an artifact such as the one in the photo. We value the experience when it is a good one but we are likely buying the artifact for the reminder of where it came from and what it came through, to survive.
The secretus of the heart is often mysterious so we guard it, yet follow it.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


'We become what we behold.'
To behold has deep meaning to me. It is not a light statement. To behold is to observe, regard, contemplate. These three words, in my opinion, are always used in our process of learning. These three words are always in interplay. Often we contemplate after we observe. We regard or consider in a specified way, with respect.
Wow! That sounds very serious. Short form... intuition!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Peace, internalized, is the pathway to prosperity in the soul. That is all I worked on today. That might not sound like a very productive day, to you, but I had to work at it. My eyesight has really been giving me challenges I have never had before. This starts many days at a much slower pace and, often, a change of routine. A brisk, fresh air walk usually clears out all the red from my eyes and sets things aright. If I look at it as physical interval training not only can I have peace about it, I will also enjoy the benefits that come with this type of exercise.